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June 9, 2020by readywriters

After completing your article, draft, cover letter or resume should you send or post it immediately?

People write with different goals in mind and hiring an editor could make the difference between success and failure. A poorly written document, content or blog post could get your reader disinterested. Resumes, cover letters and business documents flawed with errors and ambiguity may turn out to be your undoing.

Hiring a professional editor sheds new light on your content or document – a new set of eyes can spot omitted errors or bring in fresh perspective.

The point is this; you are not writing to/for yourself.  Whether it’s a LinkedIn profile, marketing content, sales copy, blog post, resume or any form of business document, as long as you want someone else to read it, you should hire a professional editor.

An editor would ensure your efforts pass the litmus test, even beyond grammar aesthetics.

An editor’s work goes beyond spotting grammatical errors and typos or dealing with literary rudiments. Editors polish; we do to content what makeover artists do to faces. We help your writing look good and communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. Think about that.

Here are 7 reasons to hire a professional editor (Curated from Scribendi):

1. A fresh pair of eyes

You’ve spent hours, perhaps days, weeks, or even months creating your document and you have gone ahead to edit. It can be difficult to edit your own work. A fresh pair of eyes can more easily see any overlooked issues. Perhaps you used “their” instead of “there” in your document or have consistently misused a word. A professional editor will help catch any errors.

  1. Saves you time

We will save you hours, maybe even days, of precious time. Rather than re-reading your document for the third, fifth, or seventh time, you can move on to another project, knowing your work is being edited in a timely manner.

  1. An editor is a paid professional

Good editing is a job. When you hire an editor, you are hiring a professional to do what they do best – edit! Searching for incorrectly spelled words, reorganizing paragraphs, double-checking style guides, finding the perfect word – these are things a professional editor does. They are paid for their expertise and their job is to ensure your writing is as polished as possible.

  1. Help develop your projects

A professional editor can help you with a variety of projects, such as resume writing, profile writing, book editing, and marketing materials.

  1. You get the best possible product

Whether you want to ensure you receive a high mark on a paper, publish your article, or impress your clients, your writing needs to be free of grammatical and stylistic errors. We will work with you to make your final document the best possible product.

  1. Help perfect your writing

A professional editor not only fixes mistakes, but will help you perfect your writing. We will reveal errors and style issues you may not have noticed. By showing you ways to correct and improve your work, you will learn how to refine your writing ability.

  1. An objective pair of eyes

A professional editor won’t be shy about critiquing your efforts. Our main concern is making your piece as strong as possible. While a friend or colleague may hesitate to tell you an entire paragraph needs to be deleted or to point out grammatical errors, a professional editor will gladly address these issues and work with you to make improvements.

Now you know what we do. Hire a professional writer today. Visit www.thereadywriters.com

By Patrick Abadom

Patrick is an editor at the Ready Writers Consult, a leading Content Development firm.



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