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Our range of services include:

Do you usually receive invitations to speak at engagements, seminars, workshops, conferences, or even churches? But you do not have enough time to do the research; or, perhaps, you don’t know how to go about sourcing materials for your topic? Our research team are ready to take this stress off you. They will present you with a body of well-resourced materials from which you could develop the content for your given topics.
Content Development
Do you want to develop content for your personal or corporate websites, books, magazines, journals, newsletters, etc? We have a pool of seasoned writers in our network who are trained to help you generate content that is uniquely you, and which will reflect your personal/corporate voice/culture and style. Our team of writers can also develop the content for your seminars, workshops, sermons, and training topic.
Have you always dreamt of authoring a book? Do you have a great idea that would be best expressed in a book, but you do not have the research and/or writing skills required to take it from the realm of wish? Perhaps, years of experience in life or your job have taught you some unique lessons that would be useful to many others if documented as a book? Have you had flashes of ideas and thoughts that you have jotted down, secretly tucked away, that you wished you could just pull a string that would coherently codify them all into a manuscript?

The truth is, we all have captivating stories, thoughts, and book ideas doing the rounds in our heads. But for the time to start penning them down. The Ready Writers Consult can help you! We are wired to help you turn your ideas and thoughts to print! Our ghostwriting services include research, preparation, and writing of books in the name of our clients, while they get the credit and all the benefits of authorship. We also execute biography and autobiographical projects for notable individuals and old citizens as well.

Do you have a lot of content in audio files? Would you like to have them transcribed into text content that you could publish on your website or convert into a book? We have a dedicated audio transcription team that can handle this work. They can help to first transcribe your audio files, while our content team then set to work on the transcribed text to shape your ideas into a full-fledged book or your desired content format.
Business Documents
Do you wish to generate a body of documents that will reflect your corporate culture and address various aspects of your business? Or you desire to add freshness to your existing corporate communication? Our business communication development team are poised to work hand-in-hand with you to generate a body of documents that will communicate your corporate ideals, values, and intents to your customers, service providers, and the public. We can also help you to write your business proposals, feasibility studies, corporate profile, senior executive profile, product description, service features, cover letters, introduction letters, and so forth.
Content & Copy Editing
We offer editorial services for our corporate and individual clients by doing a painstaking dissection of their manuscripts to ensure conformity to ethics, logic, the rules of grammar, style, as well as the nuances of literary aesthetics; thus saving them the loss and ignominy of wrong communication.
Our proofreading services are evolved to do a meticulous proofing of our clients’ writings to save them the embarrassments of bad English by correcting whatever deviations therein may be in grammar, spellings, and diction.
Our translation services include translating literature and texts from English to some major international languages and vice versa. We also offer translation services in some select Nigerian indigenous languages.
Training & Consultancy
We consult for individuals and corporate concerns on their existing and nascent content/publications; while we also offer in-house and professional training for researchers, writers, editors, executive students, and artisans in related fields.

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The satisfaction you get when your Imagination becomes reality is why we put 101% in whatever we do. Let us take that idea in your head and transform it into a finished work for you. Let us help you handle your project.

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Our Content Development service covers all forms of written communication. We can help you write:

  • Business Proposals
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