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July 20, 2017by readywriters

A rejoinder, also known as the letter to the editor, is simply anarticle written for the purpose of correcting a wrong impression about a personality, idea, issue, etc. in a published article. It also gives room to the writer to respond or give a feedback on an issue in need of due attention.

Writing a rejoinder is commonly used forthe print medium: newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc. but it does not secludeother news media like broadcasting, social media, and other wired services. The basic need for a rejoinder is to either correct, clarify, elaborate, discard, support, etc. a cause, opinion, issue, argument, and so on.

As the name connotes, it is addressed to the editor of a concerned news medium. The rejoinder is an avenue to state in clear terms the true state of affairs other than allowing the earlier false impression take preeminence.

Having the freedom of expression, as offered by a rejoinder does not permit for an equally wrong response. Not at all. This is why caution must be exercised to disallow any use of unfriendly or inciting words, no matter the issue at hand.

For the sake of this writing, The Ready Writers will guide you through what we call the acceptable expectations in putting together a convincing rejoinder. Please take note of the list below:

1.   It is a piece intended for a particular recipient, hence, it must be duly addressed. The name, designation, and organization must be stated.


2.   Ascribe a title to the rejoinder for proper referencing. Better still, the title of the mentioned article remains but is preceded by ‘RE:’Like any other form of writing, the title should hold in view the matter necessitating the rejoinder. For example if the article talked about inflation you can work with the following:

Re: Inflation rate hits 10 percent in first quarter of the year.


If the purpose is to correct a wrong notion, then writing the article gives you the leeway to substantiate yourself, a person, or any other controversial issue lifted in the article in question.


3.   Respond to criticism in a positive manner.

4.   Keep reasons to the point, brief and factual.

5.   Get someone to help you evaluate the rejoinder in relation to the published article.

6.   Major points are key, therefore talk about them.

7.   Let the key points be highlighted for easy identification in the article.

8.   Be certain about the recommendations given to clarify the controversial issue.

9.   Clarity is of essence; make effort to achieve this in the course of writing.


10.                Sincerity is another watchword. Ensure you depict it in the most acceptable way. 

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