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September 28, 2017by readywriters

With over one million love songs available, it’s easy to wonder how songwriters are able to come up with fresh songs.  You may have even attempted writing a tune or two yourself, but you got stuck and abandoned the project.

Writing a love song can be pretty simple and loads of fun if you follow the tips below;


Listen to your favourite love songs: The best way to learn any art or trade is to study the masters. So, if you want to learn how to write a love song, listen to the lyrics of some of the songs you’ve appreciated, study how the words of the songs have been strung together, also, determine why you love the song.


Determine your audience: Decide who you are writing for. Is it your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, mother, son, or a group of music lovers?


Determine the theme of the song: Do you want to write a love song that talks about how lovely it is to be in love or about how you have loved and lost? Determine what you want your song to be all about, and then begin to write.


Personalize your love song: Although, there are a lot of love songs out there and a lot of experiences being in or out of love, when writing your song, write from your own love experience to make it unique and real.


Write with passion: Writing with passion gives your song authenticity and makes it interesting. So, as you write, think of your love experience and fuel the passion from it to your writing such that anyone who listens to your song can feel like they were a part of the experience too.


Once you have ticked all the boxes of tips given above, you can be sure that you have most likely written the perfect love song.

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