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December 6, 2017by readywriters

Writing a story is one thing, but writing a story that readers can’t go to bed until they finish reading is another thing entirely. And, for every writer, the latter is usually better than the former, because when your story is interesting you get to sell more, make more money and possibly win an award.

So, here are 5 tips on how to write an interesting story:

  1. Free-write:

    The first step to writing an interesting story is to free-write. At this stage of the writing, there is no need to edit or go back to correct anything, just ensure you write the story to the end. If it is a short story, write it in one sitting and if it is a novel, write in one season.

  2. Create suspense and drama:

    To create suspense, try and create doubts in the minds of your readers, set-up interesting questions and hold out on the answer for as long as you can. By creating suspense, you would be able to hold the interest of your reader for a long period of time.

  3. Write dialogues:

    Also, to write an interesting story, let your characters do most of the talking. Thus, ensure you know your characters well and create interesting dialogues to suit their personality.

  4. Write about death:

    This might seem a bit extreme, but every good story usually has an element of loss. Besides, death is a universal theme, so by tapping into its power of emotional connectivity, you will be able to create an interesting story.

  5. Review and edit:

    After you must have finished your free writing and have inserted the necessary elements (such as the ones mentioned above) to make your story interesting, ensure you read your story again, re-write when necessary and edit thoroughly.


Thus, after a thorough editing of your story, publish your story and share it with the world.

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