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April 10, 2020by readywriters

‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ Maya Angelou.

When you consider the many benefits that accrue to you as a result of writing a book, together with the fact that your book will most likely outlive you, you will realise that writing a book is a significant achievement. While the process can be quite demanding, it need not be an insurmountable hurdle. You have everything to gain when you write your own book and many things to lose when you do not. Do you have a book waiting to be written? Let’s give you five reasons to spur you on!

1. You will gain credibility and become an expert

Writing a book will help you gain credibility with your colleagues, customers and prospects. Not everyone is bold enough to write a book; many fear and procrastinate. Once you publish your book, you distinguish yourself from others within your field. People will want to work with you or learn from your story, especially if your book is well positioned in the market. Writing a book on any subject positions you as an expert on that subject.

2. Extra money

Writing a book can earn you extra cash in book sales. Not only that, your  book sales can also lead to bigger opportunities, especially if your book is read by CEOs, leaders and decision makers. It can help you to sell more products and services, land you speaking engagements and raise your organisation’s visibility, all of which end up increasing your income. Your book can serve as a marketing tool working round the clock for you.

3. You can help more people

When you write a book, you are able to reach out and help people across the world. You will receive testimonies of how your work has changed lives. Your book can become a reference point for anyone who needs help on the subject you have chosen to address.

4. You have freedom to express yourself

Words are powerful. As a writer, you have the ability to paint pictures with words or spark the imagination of your readers in a remark way. You have full control over the content of your book, especially if you take the route of self-publishing. You are the creator and you can communicate your message with the unique flavour of your personality. In other words, writing a book gives you the freedom to convey your thoughts through words and/or illustrations.

5. A book is an amazing legacy

As an author, you will create a legacy for both yourself and your family. Your children will one day come to appreciate the effort that you put deployed to create something you can leave behind. Writing your own book will change your life and other lives too. No matter what you do or how busy are, you can still write a book, even if it means hiring a professional to help you through the process. That’s one of the ways we make life easier and richer for our clients at The Ready Writers Consult. Our ghostwriting service can help you focus on your business while simultaneously fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author.

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