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July 26, 2019by readywriters

Have you ever worried that your business proposal, letter, thesis, or other written document was not effectively communicating your thoughts to your readers? Then you need an editor.

Almost anything you write can be enhanced with the help of an editor. Editors not only make your writing grammatically accurate; they also add value with their insights.

Whether you’re writing a proposal, a novel, or web copy, your words should effectively communicate all that you wish to convey.

At The Ready Writers, we

• Assess and critique documents;

• Suggest revisions;

• Rewrite or redact content to suit current trends;

• Reuse or recycle content more effectively to increase marketability;

• Proofread manuscripts and documents;

• Act as mentors to writers;

• Do light or substantive editing based on the client’s needs.

Don’t kill your brand with error-ridden communication. Let our team of editors take a look at your content before it goes out in your name.

Contact us right away via telephone or WhatsApp on 08188708026. You can also email us through mail@thereadywriters.com

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