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May 2, 2018by readywriters

Writing is a human art which one learns as one grows. This art tends to develop in as much as one commits some constant practice, time, energy, consciousness and a level of knowledge to it.

There is a very wide difference between a child’s handwriting and that of an adult. Though children have little or no writing experience, they still aspire to put pencil or pen to paper, or any available surfaces they find within reach, so as to express what they feel or have been taught.

More than this, the fact remains that the handwriting is personal to everyone, and bears a clear difference from others. That’s why different persons can be identified by their handwritings.

Research has repeatedly shown that there are at least 5,000 personality traits which one’s handwriting can imply. From the letter sizes and shapes, word spacing, a few of those indicators, each of which connotes different meanings to different persons, especially experts in handwriting analysis. Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, can be used to identify when someone is lying or having a health problem, etc.

What Your Writing Indicates About You can be better understood or explained with the use of certain info-graphics, which will be looked at in this piece. Having this knowledge helps you explain better to others- friends, family members, school mates, and both the younger and older generation, what the handwriting says about an individual.

We shall consider the info-graphics in respect to size, word space, letter shape, looping, dotting the I’s, crossing the T’s, open and close O’s, lower case cursives, page margin, pressure or energy level, signature, etc.



Large handwriting letters indicate outgoing, people-oriented, out-spoken and an attention-loving personality. A small letter, however, shows a shy or withdrawn, meticulous, studious character; while an average letter represents a well-adjusted and adaptable being.



Word Spacing:

wide word spacing reveals a freedom-loving personality who does not cherish being overwhelmed or crowded; and conversely, a narrow word spacing shows a dependent and intrusive personality.


Shape of letters:

non-slanting letter shows the writer tends to be logical and practical without allowing personal emotion take the better part.

Letters which appear to slant to the right express an openness to new experiences and loving to meeting new people.

While a slant to the left handwriting orientation depicts working behind the scene, keeping to oneself; and if a right-handed writer writes in this way, it can be said that he or she is expressing rebellion.

Rounded letters handwriting show the writer as being creative and artistic; while pointed letters mean aggressiveness, intensity, curiosity and intelligence.But connected letters show the person is  careful, logical and systematic in decision making.



Narrow loop means you are restricted, and a sign to inform of the presence of tension, while a wide loop says you are relaxed and spontaneous.

Narrow ‘e’ depicts your skepticism about others while, a Wide ‘e’ speaks about your open-mindedness and trying new experiences.


Dotting the ‘I’

Placing the dot high above the ‘I’ simply means you have a great imagination; right above the ‘I’ shows detailed-oriented, organized and emphatic about what you say. To the left of the ‘I’ means you are a procrastinator; slashing your ‘I’indicates an overly self-critical personality; circling your ‘I’ means you are childish and visionary.




Crossing the ‘T’

Placing the stroke at the very top of ‘T’ means you are very ambitious, optimistic and having a good self-esteem. Putting a very long crosses means you are very determined and enthusiastic, nonetheless, you can be stubborn letting things go. Placing the stroke right in the middle displays a confident and comfortable self. But a short stroke means laziness and a lack of determination.


Open and Closed ‘O’

An open ‘O’ displays a talkative, social personality who expresses feelings readily with little or no secrets. Contrariwise, a closed ‘O’ means a secretive person or an introvert, who seldom shares private feelings.


Lower Cursives ‘S’

Round lowercase cursive ‘S’ shows a person who seeks to please everyone in order to avoid confrontations. Pointy lowercase ‘S’ signifies a very ambitious, inquisitive person, and the more pointed the cursive ‘S’ the more the qualities shown. A cursive ‘S’ wide towards the bottom means you might not be following your heart in a career or other pursuits.


Page Margin

A left hand margin means you tend live in the past and having a tough time letting go of past events. Writing all over the page says you cannot sit still or relax but have your mind constantly running. And for the right hand margin, it holds that you worry about the unknown and fear the future.

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