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September 21, 2022by TRWCBlogger

Writing is an art, and a beautiful one at that. When it comes to writing, you create content out of little, and sometimes out of nothing. But it will take a little bit of knowledge and understanding to be effective in it.

In other forms of art like painting or drawing, the artists need some basic skills. For example, they need knowledge about colours and how to mix colours them. As a writer, you need some basic skills too to better equip you in your writing. It is from the understanding of these basic things that you can bring out your own unique style and innovation.

Here’s What You Need to Understand About Writing

  • One of the most basic skills you need is a good command of the language you would be writing in. You have to understand the language if you are going to effectively work with it. When it comes to understanding languages, you may not necessarily take a course in the language but you must be very familiar with it. But if you want to know more, understand more or even write in the ancient form of the language, you would need to take a course.
  • Practice writing in the language of your choice. There have been times when speaking a language sounds easier than writing it. That might be because you speak way more than you write. With speaking, you are able to express yourself better, and even talk colloquially. But with writing, your words have to carry weight and be easily understood by your readers and this can only happen by practice.
  • Just as I said at the beginning, writing is an art. It means that it will take a careful combination of words to bring out something beautiful. Looking at an artist, there are times when he randomly draws strokes on his canvas. After a few days, look closely, and you will see something beautiful emerge from it. It is the same way with writing. If you can carefully draw out those strokes and arrange your words, your writing will come out beautifully.
  • Finally, let your writing bring hope and answers to your readers. After carefully following the first three points, understanding the language, practising with it, and making your words beautiful, you have to move a step ahead to ensure it makes sense to your readers. People read for different reasons, but people can get answers in your books. It is not enough to write beautifully; what is more important is making those beautiful words bring hope to someone. And your writing can do that.


Olamide Omolawal is an avid research enthusiast with interest in creative and content writing.


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