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April 27, 2017by readywriters

In the earlier write up on “How to take fast notes”, we talked about the shorthand formats namely the Pitman’s style, Tee-line, Greg Style, Steno-Based System, Quick Script and Alphabetical Shorthand System, employable for fast note taking.

Now, we would have to dwell more on the Pitman’s Style, which was discussed in brief in the last publication. In it, the short and long vowels, as well as the consonants were listed with their respective signs.

Going further from there, it is of essence we combine the vowels and consonants in forming words. And the words we would be forming with these vowels and consonants are the single syllabic words such as:

Pat, apt, tapped, wrapped, spot, etc.

Adequate attention must be paid to the pronunciation of words: the manner of articulation, point of articulation, the length, etc, as this will make for correction placement of vowels along the outline (consonant sign). Hence, it enables for the right pronunciation, as well as correct transcription in longhand.

Consider the following monosyllabic words:

patapt tapped wrapped spot sapped supped sipped prate plate  sprint stopped swept


In the word “Pat”, the consonant P ( \ ) is followed by a light sign(.) at the beginning of the stroke to show that vowel (a) represented by the dot is short.

For “apt” the consonant (p) is preceded by vowel (a) represented by the dot before the sign( \ ) for P.

Same goes for others listed above. Also note that the length of pronunciation of the vowels determine the positioning of the outline. Check again the listed monosyllables above and you would notice that:

Pat, apt, wrapped, spot, sapped, and stopped are written above the line. This suggest that their respective vowels are in first place in order of arrangement on the vowel chart. But words likesupped slipped, prate, plate and sprint are written on the line because their vowels are in the middle place in the order of arrangement.

Meanwhile other words, which would be examined in subsequent lesson, would be those cutting across the line, to suggest their vowels are in the third place.

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