Many singular words in English have an unusual plural form. Speakers often make the mistake of adding an “s” to make one of these words plural instead of using the correct form plural. Here are 10 unusual plural forms with examples:


  1. Syllabi – plural of syllabus


Example: All professors must submit their syllabi for approval before the start of the term.


  1. Curricula – plural of curriculum


Example: The curricula for grades 1 through 5 are available on the school website.


  1. Crises – plural of crisis


Example: The president has had to deal with several crises during his term.


  1. Appendices – plural of appendix


Example: The book has appendices containing charts and graphs that support the author’s thesis.


  1. Antennae – plural of antenna


Example: She thought the cockroach was dead until she saw its antennae moving.


  1. Phenomena – plural of phenomenon


Example: Many unexplained phenomena are attributed to UFOs or aliens.


  1. Millennia – plural of millennium


Example: Evolution is a slow process that takes place over centuries and millennia.


  1. Synopses – plural of synopsis


Example: TV guide contains synopses for all of the new series debuting this fall.


  1. Memoranda – plural of memorandum


Example: The CEO sent several memoranda to his employees.


  1. Aircraft – plural of aircraft


Example: The army sent in over a hundred military aircraft at the start of the war.


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