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January 8, 2020by readywriters

By Digital Vijay

In this digital era, every digital marketer should own incredible content writing skills. It is the one necessary skill which can help you succeed in the field of online marketing. A well-written content has a potential to get ahead of thousands of low-quality blogs/articles.

Becoming a good writer requires a lot of practice and keenness. However, just constant writing won’t assure the writing improvements. So, what are the different aspects one should get familiar with to write better?

Actually, it is easier to improve the writing skills when you frequently brush up on the basics. We’ve brought you the top 5 writing skills which will help you to improve the quality of writing in a short time.

  1. Develop a unique writing style

One thing every digital marketer has to deal with is the immense competition. The internet is flooded with an array of content and standing out among the others is a challenge. So, if the readers decide to read your articles or blogs over someone else’s content, they are really following you.

Every writer has its own style, tone and skill to deliver a message in his/her own interesting ways. You might struggle a bit in the early days of your writing journey, but you will find your voice eventually. As the time will pass and you’ll gain experience, you will involuntarily develop your own unique writing style.

2. Make use of wide vocabulary

Having a wide vocabulary is an asset of a successful writer. However, annoying the readers with large and pointless words will drop your readership. Instead, use intelligently selected vocabulary. While said so, keep your audience in mind while writing. The vocabulary used in writing should be based on the type and understanding level of the audience.

The one common mistake you can often see in a writing of a beginner writer is the use of too complex sentences. The writer tries to sound more authoritative and hence make unnecessary wordy sentences. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, even in writing.

3. Get a writing partner

Even if you write incredible, it is always better if we have a second opinion about our content. A writing partner can review your writing and suggest you improvements. If you work at a reasonably sized organisation, then it is easy to get one colleague to suggest you.

Even if you work in the small organisation and you are the sole writer they have, you can still get one writing partner. Here’s how. Every company has at least one person who eagerly desires to be a better writer. You can find one in your workplace and ask them for help.

One more thing you can do to get writing partner is to join a writing workshop. Here, you will network with passionate writers across all proficiency level.

4. Express your Thoughts confidently

If you surf the internet for half an hour, you will find most of the content is dreadfully boring and tasteless. This happens frequently because many bloggers doubts to add their opinions into their writing.

If you are writing a news item or any serious topic, you will certainly have to present the facts, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it in a formal manner. You can utilize your creativity and present the same ideas in a different manner as well.

5. First drafts are never perfect

One thing every successful writer/blogger will agree upon is that the first drafts are almost dreadful most of the times. So, even if you are not confident to write down things perfectly on your first attempt, you can make it perfect later on. But, just don’t block your thoughts.

Once you finish your writing, you can nourish the content later on by performing final editing and proofreading.


Writing is an important part of every digital marketing strategy. The way you convey the message to your readers reflects the success or failure of your campaigns. Using these simple tricks, you can improve your writing and add value to your marketing activities.

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