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November 29, 2019by readywriters

by Ruben

Make yourself stand out from other designers by drafting a creative design proposal that will impress potential clients. Leave no room for them to think twice. By showing off your talent, experience, and professionalism early on, clients will have you at the top of their minds during the hiring stage. Make sure that your creative design proposal will be remembered from all others by giving them something unique.

Before doing down to the details and technical information, it is important to ask yourself the following question before creating the creative design proposal. These questions include:

Who is the audience?

Early on, you should know who will read your creative design proposal. Are you targeting a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or a marketing agency? The needs of each can vary significantly, and so does their budget. In addition, you have to find out whether your proposal will be read by the business owner, marketing manager, or an assistant. In some cases, the reader may not be familiar with your services. It is important to clarify certain aspects of the work to keep them reading.

What impression do I want to leave?

The main goal of the creative design proposal is to get the reader’s approval. Even if the client is not yet ready to hire right now, they should take away something from going through the document. This is critical in landing projects. Be sure to state your assessment and recommendations upfront. This will let you leave a good impression. By projecting a professional image, prospective clients may even shortlist you for future work.

What can I do to get the job?

The creative design proposal you submit can either be accepted or rejected. Rejection doesn’t mean that your proposal isn’t good, it may just mean that the client doesn’t have the budget for it right now. In some cases, the timing may not be right but they intend to implement your ideas in the future. In writing the creative design proposal, you can only do your best. Follow solid guidelines in writing proposals and insert your own personality into it, the rest is up to the client.

Wring a creative design proposal is all about understanding what the client requires and building your recommendations around it. Don’t assume that you know better than prospective clients. After all, it is ultimately their decision whether to implement your ideas or not. In addition, always write the proposal from the reader’s point of view. Think about what the client’s reaction might be when going over your suggestions.

The little details matter as well. There are a lot of contractors and agencies which might be submitting similar creative design proposals to the same client. It is important to make the reader feel like they’re getting a good deal if they choose you. This may entail providing initial consultation, giving a small discount, and being communicative. Give them your full attention whenever you’re talking over the phone or chatting online over project details.

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