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May 20, 2020by readywriters

The faintest pen is better than the sharpest memory – Chinese Proverb

Do you find that debatable? The import of the statement is that once you write something, it is cast and can be referred to, unlike what you store in your memory which you may forget.

Writing your ideas and thoughts makes them concrete, so that you do not forget them. It also gives you the opportunity to share them with others.

If we attempt to keep all information we get in our memory, it may leave us disorganized and we can miss many opportunities.

Thoughts and ideas will keep flipping through your mind. When they come, it is important to write them down.  In fact, many people have aborted multi-million dollar worth of ideas by not writing them down.

Even if you are not implementing them immediately, write them down. As you write them down, you take time to conceptualize and brood over them until they are formed and then you can start executing them.

Some ideas require future implementation, but as you take time to study about them, you gather resources and over the years you have a full picture of what the idea is about. Having a journal is useful for this purpose; you can review all that you have studied and that way you are ready for implementation.

It will be a wonder to people how, all of a sudden, you are implementing your idea. But you did not start immediately; you had been brooding upon it, working hard at it and putting pen to paper. What people see is a result of months of hard work.

Writing helps to keep your dreams alive. When you write down things, it may even be so many years later that you review them. You will discover that you intended to chart this course or that. You may have forgotten about an endeavor or an idea due to busy schedules, but because you penned it, you can come back to it, flesh it up and give life to it.

At The Ready Writers Consult, we encourage you to keep writing your ideas. Who knows, you may be the one who will discover the solution(s) to Nigeria’s challenges or the cure to AIDs.

Imagine what our world would be without books and materials, information from previous generations would have been lost.

You do not need any special skill to write your ideas; take a pen and write the ideas and beautiful thoughts flipping through your mind. Before long, you will observe a pattern, a train of thoughts.

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