In all of writings, they start off from a clear plan of what to do- the introduction, the body and of course, the conclusion. That is, a writing of any kind must have a beginning, a middle and an end. It requires a clear thought process which gives off what is being written down. That means it allows for contents development from the subconscious thought, consulting literature, places etc. Then, the organization and expression of such thought in a way that writing and reading is made easymust also be engendered.

That suffices to say that an orderly presentation is a necessity- what must come first, second and third in a coherent manner. And when we talk of expression, it must allow for the right language use, choice of words, grammar, and the likes.

So when we refer to an impromptu writing, what comes to mind is an unrehearsed exercise, which starts by the snap of a finger. This presumesthe writer has already-maderesources at his or her fingertips- all there is to make the write up in a matter of time.

Having been told the subject matter, an impromptu essay is one that is written immediately. Oftentimes, this is fixed to a time frame for delivery and one has no other option than a fast thought process. One needs no excuse other an articulate mindset. After work is done, the assessor will evaluate the writing exercise by checking onthe use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc and the way the writer’s thought flows from the beginning to the end.


Introduction: When we talk of this form of writing, it does not rule out the need to have a clear directive of what to do and this lies in the instruction given. This must be read to a clear understanding before pen is put to paper. An impromptu essay deserves a moment of contemplation on how one will answer the question of writing. From there, a brief outline is made.This is very necessary.Needful to say, a plan for the length, shape and size of the introductory part must be decided at first and put to mind as one embark on the task.

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It is very good to start off on good footing. How does one achieve this if not by an apt use of striking statement(s) or descriptive anecdote.

Practically accepted is ascribing a distinct thesis statement — a statement that highlights the theme of your essay in about one sentence. Of course, such thesis statement must be supported by explaining three points in the impromptu essay in the body. These must be detailed. It should also provide clear examples and make sense of the thesis stated earlier.

In the impromptu essay, one should not worry about including specific details such as dates or years from any reference materials, if one simply cannot remember them. Just elaborate on the concepts, and try to include reputable sources for your points. Keywords from the impromptu essay assignment question must be stated throughout the essay to show the assessor of the essay that one did dwell on thetopic exhaustively. It is advisable to use right connectives to lead in each paragraph in the essay body. Such words indicating position as “first,” “second” and “third” can help give a sense of smooth flow of thought or a logical transition.

Finish your essay by briefly reiterating your thesis and the points you made in the essay, then tying it all together with a clear conclusion. Try to pace yourself to have at least five minutes remaining before the time is up, so that you can read through the essay to see if you can reword certain phrases or need to change any spelling or grammatical errors.

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