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October 27, 2023by readywriters

Improving your vocabulary is one way you can become a better writer; however, trying to learn new words can be quite stressful, even though it doesn’t have to be. This is why we have decided to share tips on stress-free ways to improve your vocabulary in order to become a better writer.

  1. Have a Voracious Appetite for Books: One of the ways of improving your vocabulary is to read voraciously, especially the books that you find interesting. When you do, you would naturally learn new words.
  2. Subscribe to the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Day: You can also subscribe to word of the day on Oxford Dictionary Online and learn new words daily, without having to go through the stress of finding new words in a printed dictionary to learn. Merriam Webster and Cambridge Dictionaries also have similar provisions online.
  3. Visit Vocabulary Websites: There are lots of websites designed for the teaching of new words, both through audio and video clips. You can visit such sites at your leisure time and learn new words. Examples of such sites are: word thinks and Vocab vitamins.
  4. Play Games: One of the stress-free ways to learn new words is to play word games such as scrabble and
  5. Have a Journal: you can also have a journal where you write new words you learnt every day, and make reference to it, whenever you need it. This would help you master the words with ease.
  6. Learn with Friends: One interesting way to learn new words is to do it with others. So you can find friends who have similar interests as you, and learn new words together.
  7. Ask Questions: When someone uses a word you are not familiar with while speaking , ask them the meaning and spelling of the word, and the correct pronunciation of it too, if it’s difficult to pronounce.
  8. Have a Blog: When you have a blog, you would need to write more frequently and consult the dictionary in your writings. So by doing that, you would easily learn new words and even become a better writer
  9. Engage in Conversations: this is another stress-free way to learn new words, which is by simply talking to people and taking note of the words used and the context in which the words have been used.
  10. Use the WaitSuite Chatter App: This app is embedded directly into your existing tasks so that you can easily learn new words on your phone without leaving what you are doing.


Beside these tips, ensure you use any word you learn in your writings, in order to improve the quality of your work and also become a better writer.

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