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June 28, 2019by readywriters

Business Dictionary defines a progress report as “An assessment that takes place during a project or process, that conveys details such as what sub-goals have been accomplished, what resources have been expended, what problems have been encountered, and whether the project or process is expected to be completed on time and within budget”.

When writing a progress report, certain elements are very important. Let’s take a look at them:

The Heading: Like other forms of writing, a progress report offers a title, date, names of both writer and recipient, and their positions. This should be well-written in the right positions.

The Introduction: Basically, this first part of the report should contain the purpose of writing, the timeline, the scope, the sponsor(s), etc.

The List of Completed Projects: It is important you list those projects you and your team havedone in the past showing the date, project name and duration in a tabular form for easy analysis.

Problems Encountered:Even with the best planned projects, challenges are commonplace; hence, these must find a good mention in the report. The writer of the progress report must state what was done to overcome those challenges, and recommend possible actions, if any, or offer advice on sources of assistance in future endeavours.

State Any Future Tasks: Since this deals with a project, it is not sufficient tostop at what has been done without mentioning what plansare there to be executed in the continuation of such project in the future. This, of course, must entail the date, duration, stages,personnel, sponsor(s), project supervisor(s),location, etc.

Summarize the Report: Briefly state achievements recorded, challenges faced, recommendations offered andother outlined tasks in the project continuation. This section should contain information about every stage or sub-section in the report but in short and clear notes.


Project report writing is an official document prepared in succession and which offers a guide to management decision making, therefore, each stage is represented by a report topic identifying the particular work done, present stage reached, etc. Project report may take the form of memo, verbal account, business letter, email, etc.

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