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August 4, 2017by readywriters

Are you growing audience, losing them, or not making them at all as a result of a lack of skill in this art? Don’t worry, help is here.

As with writing on any platform, it is pertinent that one knows to whom they are writing (the target), why they are writing in the first place, and how beneficial the content is to the reader. It is until this basic foundation is set that one can say they are really ready to communicate.

Now, social media writing is not exactly a very different ball game from the writings in a book and the pages of the newspaper. But it is different.

Social media writing involves a lot of ‘briefs’ that MUST make sense otherwise you lose readers. In fact, developing content to be taken seriously on social media is a lot harder than it looks; and that is why it is important to learn the art.

Below are 5 tips to help you get better:

  1. Write like you were conversing with a friend, colleague on a round table, or on a picnic if you like. It is SOCIAL MEDIA. I don’t think anyone likes it too serious there and so refrain from soaking your content in professional jargons. Keep the tone casual. But while you are it, try as much not to alter spellings or punctuations so everyone can be carried along (‘info’ for information is okay, but u for ‘you’ or ‘4’ in the stead of for should be avoided). Apart from carrying everyone along, you also would want your content taken seriously right?


  1. As has been mentioned above, the tone must be appropriate. It is this tone that helps readers decide follow, like or share your content. As a matter of fact, if tone is wrong from the start, odds are that reader gives up half way.


  1. Keep it short and simple. Concise, more like it. Most people visit social media for relaxation, and they are not to be burdened with a long piece, with so many words of the same meaning, except it is intended to be a lullaby.


  1. Make sure content is relevant, something your readers (if you really took time to research them) can easily relate with. Don’t leave them wondering how the piece has anything to do with them.


  1. Let your words or language be active. Use action words most of the time and see that there is a call to further action from your reader. Is that not the point of the writing in the first place? “This book is the best ever written, GO GET your copy,” “Nigerians, LET’S TELL ourselves the truth,” are examples of a call to action.





These are just basic tips. The more you practice, the better you get and probably come up with your own tips.

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