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August 17, 2017by readywriters

Before a transcription task can be seen as well done, there must have been series of editing, proofreading or reviewing at the case may be. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s call it the quality control process.


As important as the quality control process is, a good raw file can make the work easier, faster, and even seamless. For a rewarding transcription, watch out for the following mistakes:


Substandard Equipment:

Transcribing from a midget (portable recorder) or any other audio sources can be marred if the equipment is not in a good working condition. Occasions arise when an audio becomes inaudible or refuses to play back, and time is lost trying to fix it or to retrieve the file.


Failure to Check Sound Level:

Always ensure you carry out a sound check on your recording device. Sometimes, you may record an interview and find that the audio is so low, you can barely hear what was said making transcription difficult, if not impossible.


Non-availability of Supporting Document:

In instances where transcription is inclusive of jargons, it always helps to have a document that provides such terms and if it can be helped, their meanings. That way, you are not mixing up words or giving an entirely different meaning to the narrative.


Unrealistic Deadline for Delivery:

Transcription may seem a challenging task, but it may as well become an enjoyable one if the transcriptionist has all it takes to turn out a transcript within acceptably reasonable time frame. There is no need hurrying up and botching the job, when one extra day can make a world of difference.


Absence of Clear Instructions:

In this case, there is no guide for the transcriptionist in the work process and this hinders a good delivery. Clear instructions provide a framework for the task ahead, reducing poor feedback and helping to enhance the quality of the output.


Low Cost Option:

Cutting cost, when it is obvious such action could jeopardize a good transcription job in any area of endeavour, is suicidal. Remember quality and accuracy should not be sacrificed.

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