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May 19, 2017by readywriters

When attaching documents…

Most of us…ok, some of us merely scribble: “find attached” when attaching documents to e-mails. If your intention is to get the receiver to open attached document, then your miserable “find attached” does not suffice in any way, except in situations where they (the receiver) expect it/ have been waiting for it.

Here are two or three indicators you have shared enough information regarding the attached document.

  1. Let the reader know more about the attached document. Let’s take a common example: someone sends you a link and asks you to open; I’m very sure you will want to ask that person what it contains. There is no major difference between the reaction in both situations (a link and an attached document). Knowing what a document is about, would go a long way in compelling the reader to open.


  1. Include a few lines pointing out the importance of the document and why they would find it worthwhile. Take time to convince the receiver/reader in your writing how it would be of benefit to them if they opened; phrase in such a way as to appear you have done this person a huge favour by sending them that document.


  1. Also let them know, politely, that they are accountable for feedback. Using our link example, the sender of the link would tell you something like- “…look at it and let me know what you think.” Same applies here. Get them aware that you are highly expectant of feedback. That way, you are politely punctuating accountability. If you can attach a deadline, the better; that way, your reader would have more regard for you and your document.


  1. Suggest a part or parts of that document to which the reader should pay more attention. This way, you are taking part of the steam from them and making it easier for them to look at and respond. This also means you value the time of your reader and have no intention of wasting it.

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