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November 19, 2018by readywriters

Sales copy is a great way to communicate with your customers, but it could leave them with lots of questions that you won’t get to answer. One of the best ways to overcome this issue is by learning to anticipate buyer concerns. Learn more about the three ways that you can do this!

1. Address Possible Objections

When you make a claim that your product is the best, readers are going to wonder whether or not they can believe you. Maybe they’ll wonder why they should pay more for your services than a competitor who could do the work for slightly less money. Be prepared to resolve these issues by discussing the value of your product or services.

One way to do this would be by including testimonials from other customers. Let your past customers answer these questions for your potential customers, so they won’t be left with any possible objections.

2. Consider Customer Questions

A customer picks up your product at a store. Right away, they want to know what it is, how to use it, what problem it solves, and whether it’s worth the price. Will the copywriting on the packaging answer this? When writing this copy, it’s important to think about your customer. What questions may they have about the product that they need answered before they can make a decision on whether or not to buy it?

To figure out your customers’ questions and anticipate buyer concerns, it would be helpful to learn more about your customers. Knowing what they’re like and what their issues may be will better help you determine the copy you need to write to answer potential questions.

3. Build Customers’ Confidence

One of the biggest concerns that customers tend to have is whether they can be confident that you will deliver on your promises. So, what can you tell your customers so they are comfortable moving forward with you? Why should they give you their money? Be honest as you describe the advantages of choosing you over the competition, so you can elicit your customers’ confidence!

As you work to anticipate buyer concerns, you’ll find that what your customers really need to know is whether or not to choose your product or services over the competition. To determine this, they need to know what your product is all about and why it’s the ideal choice. Think about the questions they’ll have as they come to their own decision to choose your company for their needs.

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