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February 19, 2020by readywriters

Writing for children is quite different from other styles of writing. Some people might even argue it is harder to write for children than it is to write for adults. Writers tend to put themselves in the minds of their readers, but how do you put yourself in the mind of a child? It is possible but can be quite an uphill task

Here are some tips on how to write for children:

  1. Do not be limited: If you are given a project to write stories for children, you will probably need to do a research on what kids like now. So if kids are into video games, you will probably write about that. But this is a very wrong approach. You need to realize that kids are still learning every day and they are easily drawn to new things interests. Do not be limited. Write about new stuff and you will grab their interest.
  2. Don’t treat them like babies: Yes, you can write about deaths and tragedies. There are limits, but children are tougher than you think. As for the vocabulary, do not overthink it as they can easily understand new words from the context. If they don’t, remember they are learning and can easily search for the meaning. Having a glossary at the end will help as well.
  3. Do not sound like you belong: You might be tempted to input things they are familiar with, especially pop culture references. Unless this reference is essential to your story, this will simply sound desperate and will make you look out of touch even more. It gets worse when this reference gets outdated. So do not try to act like you understand what kids like just to keep their interests.
  4. Help the kids break free: Kids live in a world limited by the knowledge and rules of grownups. Use your character to create worlds of endless possibilities for them. Let your characters cross boundaries, have adventures, learn new things, and build their self-confidence and sense of independence.
  5. Be relatable: While you have your protagonist crossing boundaries, they should not be perfect. They should make mistakes children make so that readers can relate. They should make a mess they have to fix and this would help the kids relate to them more and be inspired.
  6. Read More Children’s Books: You need to read what others are writing for you to have a grasp of a flexible and ever-changing age group. Do not be afraid you might not sound original because the more you read other works, the more you find your own distinct voice.


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