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April 21, 2017by readywriters

Writing is one of the human art that involves scribbling what’s being said, heard, displayed etc. It two human senses associated with this art are the sense of sight and hearing. But when a speaker makes his or her speech, it is the responsibility of the writer to document what’s being said as per time taken. In order words, speed is of essence in order to keep pace with the speaker while writing.

Hence, to take note fast, we suggest a number of ways:

As a writer, there is/are way(s) of doing this. Short forms of writing words and constructing tenses are very important, although one has to be familiar with any of those. Aside the Pitman style, we have the Teeline, Steno-Based System, Gregg style, Quick Script and Alphabetical shorthand system.

There two major types of writing: the longhand and shorthand. Longhand is the normal way of writing on lines only using alphabets, marks and numbers and occasionally use symbols to show something or cause an effect. On the other hand, shorthand is majorly using symbols, lines, shapes, marks, and so on, in writing, which could be above, on and across the line, depending on the length of vowel pronunciation: long and short vowel sounds.

Shorthand is, particularly, employed in writing to keep pace and accuracy with what’s being said, which longhand may not offer the writer, but the case is not same for every writer. Some could write well and fast with the longhand, while others may not.

In long writing (which everyone is familiar with) one is required to put down all the letters in a word(s), sentence, paragraph, page etc, but the shorthand form permit one to write using symbols, signs, marks, shapes etc which represents the longhand forms.


Consonants in shorthand (Pitman Style)

The common consonants namely are depicted as follows in short forms


While the vowel sounds are depicted as follows: (Pitman)

To be continued from here…

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