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June 29, 2018by readywriters

Do you have the good intention to read but somehow not able to get around to doing it, you will find this article helpful.

Here are some suggestions to ensure you’re getting your most important reading done.


1) Renew your reading commitment

To keep up with your reading, increase your reading time OR decrease the amount of materials you have, or both. Most people can commit anywhere from 15-60 minutes of reading a day…so determine how much time you’re willing to dedicate. That will then dictate the amount of material you can read each day.


2) Choose a different time to read

It’s great that reading causes you to fall asleep so quickly. I wouldn’t give that up, so keep reading before bed…BUT have the majority of your ‘priority’ reading happen before bedtime. Some people like to read at the breakfast table, after dinner, during ‘waiting time’, or while watching TV. Pick a time to read when you’ll remain more awake.

This reading time should be written on your calendar and actually done during this time.


3) Downsize your reading material

Downsize the reading material in your bedroom. Recycle magazines over 2 months old, and all newspapers over a week old, (even if you haven’t read them.)

Find a decorative basket to hold current magazines and newspapers, and keep that basket in another room. A great rule of thumb…once a new magazine or newspaper arrives, recycle the old one–even if you haven’t read it. If you find that you’re never getting to those magazines or newspapers, cancel your subscriptions.

Keep one book in your bedroom, and shelf the rest. If you have piles and piles of books, downsize those as well. Be realistic and don’t over commit yourself to reading. Keep the books you think you’ll love and store them in a bookcase or two. Once your bookcases are full, use the ‘one in, one out’ system.

Storing books in boxes isn’t an optimal storage idea. If you can’t see the books, you probably will never read them. So donate, recycle, or try to sell the books you feel may be so-so reads. Someone else may really enjoy them.


I also recommend not buying any more books until you’ve caught up with what you already own.


4) Contain or recycle

I’m guessing you’re reading letters and cards you receive from friends and relatives. Keep only those that are most special to you in a keepsake box. Recycle the rest.

For articles you tear out, keep those in a on-the-go reading folder, and read those articles while you’re out. The rule: When the folder is full, you can’t add any more to it. Weed out articles as you read them. If you need them for future reference, scan them and file them on your computer. Get rid of the physical paper.


5) Go digital

Finally, I highly recommend you discontinue purchasing hard copy books and publications, and get yourself an eReader instead. It will eliminate your waterfall of physical books.

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