Every writer needs a set of creative writing skills to create content that captivates a reader. Creativity is the bedrock of writing, and every writer must strive to improve his skills. Here are some tips that can help you hone your creative writing skills:

  1. Broad Understanding of the Subject: Sometimes you have to write about what you have absolutely no idea of and communicate from a place of authority. If you are writing a story about a Chemical Engineer for instance, having sufficient knowledge about chemical engineering makes your story richer. It helps you paint a broader picture about your character.
  2. Be Different: Be unique! Try to think outside the box. Create an environment where you can think outside the box. Break your rules and just write unexpected things that might turn out great. If you follow tip one, you will be able to expand your understanding on new subjects and write new things.
  3. Be Detailed: You need to add interesting and unexpected details to paint a richer image of your settings and characters. These details create imagery for your reader so he or she can understand the world you are trying to build.
  4. Metaphors: Metaphors are a key tool in creative writing. Use analogies to describe complex situations for your readers. Learn to be creative with your metaphors and do not be afraid to let your mind roam.
  5. Keep Track of your Ideas: Ideas can be forgotten easily so the best thing to do is record them. Put a notebook by your side and when you have an idea, put it down because your memory can fail you.
  6. Improve your Dialogue: One thing you must put in mind when writing your dialogue is that we do not talk like we think we do. There are breaks, pauses and breaks in thoughts and to be more creative, this must reflect in the dialogue of your characters.
  7. Tensions and Conflict work: Conflict can be internal or external. It births a good plot and explains the dynamics of the relationship between your protagonist and villain. It keeps your readers glued to your writing because they are eager to see how the conflict is resolved.
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