Writing sometimes is a skill most people take for granted because they feel once you are learned then you can write. This is why as a writer, you should work twice as hard as people in other professions like law or medicine in order to gain the respect you deserve. However, just like in every other area of life, respect has to be earned. Below are 5 ways you can earn yours as a writer:

  1. Write intelligently:

    If you want to be respected as a writer, then you need to demonstrate a high level of intelligence and creativity. Write in a way that stirs people’s imagination and leaves them in awe of your writing skills.

  2. Write error-free copies:

    One of the ways writers lose respect is when their writings are filled with errors, especially grammatical and spelling errors, and this is something you should avoid if you want to earn respect. So before you publish your writings, ensure you carefully and thoroughly edit your work.

  3. Timeliness of delivery:

    A writer would be respected when people know him or her to be timely in the delivery of his copies. So aside from offering quality service, once you and your client agree on a timeline, ensure that you deliver.

  4. Publish a book:

    When you publish a book, you are likely able to gain a lot of respect both from people who even haven’t read your book.

  5. Win an award:

    Winning awards mostly make people respect you. So, it is advisable you put in for a lot of competitions and publish several books in order to increase your chances of winning an award if you haven’t already.

Most importantly, you should remember that people tend to respect you when they read your work and enjoy it. So, focus on being a good writer and you would earn the respect of people from all over the world.

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