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September 17, 2020by readywriters

Writing is amazing. That feeling of being able to create and bring to life characters, places, even worlds that only existed in your mind’s eye is heady. It can be intoxicating, and for some writers, it can also be frustrating as they struggle to string together the exact set of words that perfectly describe a person or a series of events. And even when a writer does that, he wants to be certain that he has portrayed his characters in such a way that readers can connect with and even love those characters.

Now, this is a dilemma writers face, especially when creating their protagonist – that character who takes readers on a ride through the world you have created. Because of the importance of this character, you want to make sure you have created someone who draws at the heartstrings of your readers. So, how do you achieve such a feat? The tips below will help guide you in creating the perfect protagonist in a fiction:

  1. No one is perfect: No one is perfect and neither should your protagonist. He should have flaws, whether physical or character-wise. He should make mistakes, do foolish things to mess up his life and generally be relatable. He should show his weaknesses and his strengths; in short, his humanity. Because that is how real-life people are.
  2. Create a Back Story: Giving your character a back story gives your reader some of the motivation this character has to do what he does. For instance, if he is an avid smoker, your reader would want to know why and how he started. If he wears an eye patch, your reader would want to know how he lost the eye in the first place. You can choose to introduce your character to your reads through questions. Keep them guessing as you build the back story.
  3. Your Character Should Have Distinctive Traits: Not just physical traits but character traits. Your protagonist should stand out in a distinctive way that the reader would recognize even though his name is not mentioned. With unique traits, your reader can form an image in his head about your protagonist and become more emotionally attached.


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