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April 29, 2020by readywriters

Writing a good piece is a process and you don’t become an expert writer overnight. It takes time, effort and practice to become an expert writer; however there are some things you can do to improve your writing skills so that you can start writing better and eventually become an expert. Here are some tips:

  1. Find role models in your field – writing
  2. Read wide and take note of writing styles of different authors.
  3. Start a blog to develop a public voice with a small audience
  4. Help people to edit their writings so that you can take note of their errors and avoid them in your own write ups
  5. Make use of a dictionary always
  6. Make content outlines before you start writing
  7. Develop your own unique voice when writing
  8. Edit your work thoroughly
  9. Reduce the use of prepositions and to be verbs
  10. Avoid padded sentences.

Aside from knowing these tips, it is important for you to practise what you have learnt.
Until you put pen to paper, you will never become an expert writer.
Ensure you write daily.
Practise. Practise. Practise.


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