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September 15, 2017by readywriters

Many of us watch a drama series on TV and know we can write something just as entertaining. Or we read a good novel and imagine what it would be like when turned into a movie.


As audacious as the idea sounds, you too can write your own drama series, thus contributing your quota to the ever growing world of arts and entertainment.


This article will guide you through a simple step-by-step approach to getting your script turned into an award-winning show.


Create An Idea:

The starting point for making any TV drama series is creating an idea that will sell. It can be a universal truth, or some deep experience you have learnt a thing or two from. Your idea becomes the one constant around which every other variable revolves.


Write The Script:

Like the role a compass plays in guiding a sailor, your idea and story determine how your script will evolve. Your script is more than just the story, it encompasses your characters’ words, actions, movements, locations. It brings your idea to life. Your script also serves as the guide to all the crew and actors engaged in the drama series production. It clearly communicates every action and nuance to all those involved in your drama production.


Think About the Production:

It is important to decide the direction you, as a producer/scriptwriter, want the drama series to go. If you are producing yourself, then you need to decide on actors, director, sound engineer, the prop, costumes, etc. In case you are contracting a production company, then prepare a short pitch (a page of what is expected of the show).


Understand the Value of Your Creative Ideas:

Production companies offer money in exchange for your creative ideas for onward translation into films or visuals. You should have done your homework well so that you are privy to what obtains in the industry. That way, if you are writing for a production company, you don’t lose out.


Produce a Pilot:

A pilot is the very first episode in a series. It allows you assess audience reception to your work and gives you the opportunity to do a better job.


Go Ahead With the Filming:

If your pilot received a great review, then it is time to start filming. You can do this in front of a live studio audience if you have the right props, or you may choose to do a recording which is treated, fine-tuned and aired at a later date.


Get the Needed Publicity for Your Production:

As there are so many shows vying for the attention of the same audience, you will need to go a step further than having a great show to ensuring people know about the show. Engage the services of professionals to give you the required publicity to get noticed.


Good luck and don’t forget to share your success story with us.

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