WritingFor Your Writing To Spark Fire In The Minds Of Readers, Ask These Questions

June 11, 2018by readywriters

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” ~William S. Burroughs

There is no greater satisfaction in writing than spreading fire with words.

The best starting point for creating content that connects with people is to uncover an emotional spark inside yourself.

When you can find that, and lay it bare in the form of your words, your spark will ignite in the minds of others.

Sometimes those sparks are found without trying.

But it can also be powerful to ask yourself questions to spur new thoughts that lead to emotional ideas that make the task of writing a joy (for the most part).

Ask these questions, and see how they inject heat into your writing process…

  • What is something that I think about a lot, that no one talks about?
  • What do I know that has helped me tremendously, that could improve someone else’s life?
  • What is weird about me that would fascinate someone?
  • What is an injustice I have seen that must change?
  • Who is the one person I am writing this for?
  • Who must I write this for?
  • Why do I care for them?
  • What are they thinking?
  • What makes them despair?
  • How are they struggling?
  • What do they yearn for, and how can I help them get it, even in a small way?

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”~Thomas Berger

  • What is something bizarre that intrigues me, and how can I make others feel my wonder vicariously?
  • What experiences have I had, that completely changed my world-view, and how can I write about this incident, so that others can feel that too?
  • What is currently disturbing / worrying / frustrating me right now; what does it feel like; why must this change, and what is a reasonable solution that I can share with others?
  • What is one thing that most others disagree with me on, and how can I argue my case?
  • What gets me angry right now, and how can I use that assertive energy to find a solution?
  • What is something magical in the world that often goes ignored?
  • How can I challenge myself over the next week/thirty days/year, and document that through my blogs?
  • What is the most useful lesson I learned on my last trip or event, and how can I show this to others in a simple way?
  • What is something fascinating I picked up in a book or film that I can write about through the filter of my own experience or perspective?
  • Who are some people that had an impact on my life and how can I show others how their lessons can help them too?



Credit: The Writing Cooperative

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