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October 22, 2021by readywriters
Fluke is our chosen word of the day because everyone deserves some stroke of luck in their lives. That is exactly what this word means. Here is an exposition from Google Oxford Languages.
Plural nounflukes
An unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck
“their victory was a bit of a fluke”
Similar: chance, coincidence, accident, a twist of fate, piece/stroke of luck, piece/stroke of good luck, piece/stroke of good fortune, lucky stroke, happy/lucky chance, lucky break
Fluke3rd person presentflukespast tenseflukedpast participleflukedgerund or present participlefluking
Achieve (something) by luck rather than skill.
Mid 19th century (originally a term in games such as billiards denoting a lucky stroke): perhaps a dialect word…
Examples in a sentence

Here are a few examples of this word in a sentence from this amazing site, wordsinasentence.com.

1.Since I didn’t study or attend class on a regular basis, it was simply a fluke that I passed the exam.

2.Knowing my strict boss never found the good in any employee, it seemed like a fluke that he would offer me a promotion.

3. “It was just a fluke that I caught the winning touchdown,” stated the humbled football player, “because I was just in the right place at the right time.”

4.Winning the lottery is always a fluke due to buying the lucky ticket completely by chance.

5. It wasn’t merely a fluke that Sarah won the spelling bee since she had been studying for months.

We are aware that we have featured this word on our blog before. However we hope that on this cheery Friday, you will experience many fortuitous happenings that will make you smile.
Do have a lovely weekend. Keep writing and remember to contact us for all your writing and content solutions.

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