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July 15, 2021by TRWBlogger

Writing, while considered an everyday skill, can be daunting. It requires skill, patience and a lot of attention to detail. At some point, you are so tired that you cannot be sure that you are not making mistakes your tired mind cannot pick. Even when you are at your most active, you need to ensure that you are producing top-notch text that ranks high when you post it online. Here are five online writing tools you can adopt to optimise your writing skills and take that article from zero to a hundred.

  • Hemingway Editor

If you’re wondering if this is Hemingway like the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, you are correct. But rest assured, this tool is neither Hemingway himself nor his actual editor.

It is a web application that can help keep your writing clear and concise. Copy and paste paragraphs of your work or simply work directly in the text box and watch your work take on a more polished finish. The application uses colourful indicators to highlight parts that need more work. The application is free but has a paid version with advanced features.

  • Thesaurus.com

Ever found yourself repeating the same word many times? Well, with a Thesaurus, you can find similar words and related terms that you can use to show your expertise on any topic. It also helps your write-up to be SEO compliant as it lends your content flow and variety. You can try the popular Thesaurus.com. If you are looking for a little more variance, WordHippo, OneLook or Power Thesaurus could also come in handy.

Pro Tip: Use this together with a good dictionary. It is an essential writing tool that will help you clarify the meaning of words you wish to use.

  • Grammarly

This is probably one of the most popular writing tools on the internet. Grammarly has one of the most user-friendly interfaces with numerous types of web extensions for ease of use. It has features that help you identify grammatical errors, poor word choices and clarity issues. It also has a readability test feature and plagiarism checker, though these are only available if you have a paid subscription. It can have you typing away with the skill of a bestselling author.

We must warn you though, while Grammarly is one of the best writing tools out there, it can make mistakes, too. So, our advice is that you should read over your work after running it through Grammarly.

  • Yoast

Yoast is an awesome addition to your writing tools if you are into online content creation. It is an SEO Plugin with many features to aid your writing. It can suggest tips for readability and actions that make your web post rich enough to rank. It ensures that your content is optimised to meet SEO requirements.

AllinOne SEO is another tool that works like Yoast.

  • WebFX Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test Tool

The main idea of sharing any written content is to communicate. And for that to happen, your content must be readable. If you aren’t paying attention to this detail, you may find your content not getting the attention you want it to. With a readability test tool such as WebFX Flesch-Kincaid, you can have your writing tested for readability and adjust where necessary. 

Don’t forget that you may have all the right tools to optimise your writing and still not push out good content. So, remember to practise, a lot! Practise, they say, makes perfect. So, ensure that you do not give up until you get the outcome you want.

We wish you the best in your writing journey!

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