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March 26, 2018by readywriters

Crafting an enchanting sales copy helps you attract your target market and stand out among competitions. Daily, customers find themselves at the crossroad of choosing products and services. They react to lots of adverts calling for their attention. Unfortunately, most of these marketing materials end up trampled underfoot, or simply ignored in the case of digital marketing. So, what is the secret of the businesses that successfully close sales?

The content of your sales copy is a major determining factor for your potential customers or clients. A sales copy aims to persuade a reader to take a specific action—to buy a product, inquire about your service, join your email list, download a free report, or follow you on social media. Sales copy is used in emails, on web pages or in sales brochures. Irrespective of the goal of your sales copy, it is how the document is crafted that matters. Writing an irresistible sales copy is the most important marketing skill you can learn.Below are the features of a good sales copy.

  1. An enchanting sales copy is interesting.

Your sales copy should interest your potential customer. It is engaging when it focuses on your readers benefits. What problems are you going to solve with your product of service. You must be able to identify the needs of your audience. The solution to their needs then become your Unique Selling Propositions(USPs). Don’t just sell your product, sell what your customer needs. Be relevant.

Also, you are only interesting when you have a specific market. Who are your potential customers? Direct your sales copy to them.

  1. It is credible

A good copy is hype-free and demonstrates why your product makes readers’ lives better. This means understanding your products or services and how they efficiently address the needs or problems you have identified. Don’t boast unnecessarily about yourself even when you know you can deliver. Just be simple and cool.

  1. It is clear

You don’t need all those technical jargons in your industry. They bore your audience. Keep your copy easy to read and simple to understand. Usually, it should begin with the need you are solving, followed by the feature of your product or service that solves it, and specifications. Present your value before the product.

Your audience will love to know why they should buy your leather shoe. You will enchant them by telling them what feature of leather that answers their need. Is it the thickness for durability? You should be clear.

  1. It is concise

Let it be brief but detailed. A sales copy shouldn’t use more words than necessary. Imagine your customer is in haste when he comes across your copy. Will 10 seconds be enough for him to read and understand? It should be brief enough to read at one glance.

  1. It is Persuasive

You should invite your reader to act. Isn’t that the goal of crafting the sales copy? Call your audience to act and do it politely. Do you want your readers to buy, sign up, call, email or follow? Your Sales Copy can persuade your readers to do what you want.


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