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December 3, 2021by readywriters

I will let you in on a secretevery great, mediocre and wannabe writer has a writing habit. And it is a major part of their success.

Everyday, many writers wake up and find their way to do the most repetitive thing ever. They sit and write. But they don’t do it in the normal sense. They leap, hide, wear clothes, get all nude, go out on beach and sometimes hid in closet. Of course these are the writing habits of different writersbut they all have one thing in common.

Their consistency. It doesn’t matter if they are feeling low, sad or un-energetic. They would defy the word “low energy” and pounce on every opportunity to complete their writing. It’s a habit they make it stick.

Chicken Head

When you are new to the writing game, the biggest challenge is to come up with new writing again and again. It seems there is a dead end and you will run out of topics sooner than ever. But it is a myth.


You may not find new topics which are interesting, good enough and worthy of publishing. And that is okay. But you will surely find topics to write almost everyday.


If anything you need to keep on charging your brain cellsby reading, going to new places and experiencing new things.

It is easy to wander, get lost and hop to the next best thing. Because you want to level up, grow and write a lotit doesn’t matter if you are like a aimless chicken head.


Because you want the answers to your worriesyou study the geniuses and try to dissect the pattern. One which would help you take the leap.


Find The Habit

Drum rolls…


There is no one who get their writing habit straight from the day one. So it is okay if you are still struggling to find your rhythm. Usually it is doing a mix of different things.


For example…


Writing in the morning vs evening

Writing 100 words to 2000 words

Writing 3 times a week to writing everyday

Writing fiction, non-fiction and sometimes mix of two

Writing for dedicated time or dedicated words

You have to do all of these. And once you find your sweet spotkeep doing it. Some writers go above and find their environment too. Maybe some like to write when there is a calm music being played. Others might love to write in chaos.


Whatever it isfind your jam. And tune into it everyday for as long as you can. That is your writing habitwhich you have developed. And in turn it will develop yours writing skill over time.


It will happen that you will churn out crap many times. But once in a week or 2, you will find gem in your writing. And that is your chance to shine. So keep writing and make it a habit. And crush the success you aim for.


Credit: The Writing Cooperative

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