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August 24, 2021by readywriters

When applying for a job, the employer meets your CV before meeting you; as a result, the CV is usually the first stage of screening. In order to get your dream job or at least make it through the first stage of screening, here are some mistakes you should avoid in your CV:

  1. Grammatical Errors and Typos: Your CV shows your writing skills and your level of intelligence, so making grammatical errors in your writing can be discouraging. When writing, ensure you have proofread your CV before sending it to your recruiter.
  2. Irrelevant Experiences: Experiences that have nothing to do with the position you are applying for should be avoided. Thus, every statement on your CV should be relevant to the current position you are applying for and lead the employer to the conclusion that you have the right qualification for the job.
  3. Submitting Incorrect Information: When writing a CV, you should avoid incorrect information, such as wrong telephone numbers, or even data that are incorrect. You might think the recruiter might overlook such information and may not research it but the person might actually do and find out that you have provided the wrong information.
  4. Exaggeration: You should avoid exaggerating your skills and achievements. There are times you might give some information and it will be clear that it is an exaggeration. The recruiter may be discouraged by this act and simply ignore your resume.
  5. Personal Information: Personal information like age, weight, religion or even personal background should be avoided. Information like that is not needed for recruitment and an attempt to give such information might send the wrong signal.

Basically, critically scrutinise your CV to flag the mistakes you should avoid, such as grammatical errors and other types of technical errors. This will give you a fair chance of being invited for an interview.

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