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October 21, 2020by readywriters

Let’s face it, writing can be very instrumental. Through your write-up, you can proffer solutions and enlighten people; you can also motivate and give hope to the crestfallen. The challenge you may encounter is that you may not always be motivated to write, or you may be a major in the school of procrastination. So, here are some things you can do in order to make writing a habit:

  1. Make up your mind: The mind is a very powerful force and everything one does starts from within. So, if you haven’t made up your mind to start writing daily or consistently, you may never be able to write. Therefore, quit talking about writing and start writing.
  2. Set a routine: Once you have made up your mind to start writing, set a day or time you want to start writing. It can be every Wednesday at 5:00am or every day at 2:00pm. Pick a time and day that works for you and ensure you are faithful to your writing schedule. You can set a reminder on your phone.
  3. Tell people about your goal: If you decide to start writing regularly, don’t keep it to yourself; tell people around you such as your friends, relatives or colleagues about your resolution and let them hold you accountable for your writing goals.
  4. Focus on writing for a month: It is said that a habit is easy to form in 14 days, although that may not apply to all things, especially if you intend writing once a week. So, in that case, it is better to focus on writing consistently for a month first, and then 3 months, and then half a year and on…until your writing habit is formed.
  5. Make your writing fun: While you are writing, try to make the activity fun, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. You can listen to music while writing or take your favourite drink, or write in an area you find amusing or comforting.
  6. Reward yourself: As you achieve your writing goals per week or per month, ensure you reward yourself, either by buying yourself a nice meal or watching a movie at the cinema, or whatever you feel you deserve. As you reward yourself on each writing adventure, you look forward to writing the more.

Sometimes, as you work towards forming your writing habit, you may lose motivation and feel the need to stop, in a case like this, you should reenergise your resolve by reminding yourself why you started to write in the first place.  Alternatively, think of all the people that have benefited from your previous write-ups and keep writing.

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