Writing is an important form of communication, and at one point or the other, whether one is a writer, a teacher or a student, one would have to write.

However, the issue with some English words is the confusing spellings. And one could easily misspell them if one is not careful, which could lead to a breakdown in communication.

As a result, we have compiled a list of 30 commonly misspelt words in the English language and their correct spellings.

Misspelt Words and the Correct Spellings


Wrong Spellings

Right Spellings

1. accomodate accommodate
2. Achieve Achieve
3. Advice (Verb) Advise (Verb)
4. Advise (Noun) Advice (Noun)
5. apparantly apparently
6. arguement argument
7. begining Beginning
8. Calender Calendar
9. Carribean Caribbean
10. chauffer Chauffeur
11. Concensus Consensus
12. dilemna Dilemma
13. Ecstacy Ecstasy
14. Flunctuate Fluctuate
15. Liason Liaison
16. persistant Persistent
17. Portugese Portuguese
18. priortize Prioritize
19. Priviledge Privilege
20. pronounciation Pronunciation
21. Prophecy (verb) Prophesy (Verb)
22. Prophesy (Noun) Prophecy (Noun)
23. Reknowed Renowned
24. seperate Separate
25. supercede Supersede
26. Tatoo Tattoo
27. tommorrow Tomorrow
28. unfortunaetly unfortunately
29. Wiered Weird
30. Wiered Wired


There are many other words which one could misspell while writing, which is why it is advisable that when one is not sure of the correct spelling of a word, one should consult a dictionary to confirm the right spelling.

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