Do you have a flair for writing and not know what to do with it? Or wish to become a writer and not know what type of writer you want to become? You may have studied English language or literature and not know what to do with the degree. Well, if you belong to any of the categories mentioned, these are some careers in writing you can explore:

  1. Technical writer (writes business plans for people)
  2. Website content writer (writes contents that can be published on a website)
  3. Writing coach (train people on writing)
  4. Screenwriter (writes screenplays for producers or TV stations)
  5. Songwriter (writes song lyrics for musical artistes)
  6. Print journalist (writes for a newspaper or magazine)
  7. Freelance short fiction writer (writes short stories for people)
  8. Ghostwriter (writes books on behalf of people)
  9. Travel writer (writes about interesting places visited)
  10. Article writer (writes articles for individuals or organizations)
  11. Columnist (writes a column for a newspaper)
  12. Video game writer (includes storytelling/fiction!)
  13. Personal poet (writes personalized poems for weddings, funerals, childbirths, etc.)
  14. Playwright (writes plays)
  15. Blogger (manages a blog)
  16. Creative writing consultant (consults for people in creative writing)
  17. Marketing communications specialist ( writes brochures, annual releases)
  18. Copy sales writer (writes sales copies for organizations)
  19. Greeting card author (writes contents for greeting cards)
  20. Comic book writer (writes contents for comic books)
  21. Novelist (writes novels)
  22. CV writer (writes CVs for students or job applicants).

You should know that writing has a really wide scope and you can be creative in creating a job for yourself in it. However, if you would like to work with an organization, you should be earnest in your search for an opportunity.

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