One of the most dynamic jobs in the world is writing. People’s writing needs evolve and vary more and more. This means that while the need to write some type of content reduces, the demand for others may increase. For example, one of the writing types for which demand has risen over the years is business writing.

It is continuously trending and has attracted more discussions and study over the years. Not surprisingly, many articles have been written to inform the public about how writers and their clients can benefit from business writing. So, why all the fuss about business writing? This article discusses in detail what business writing is all about and why writers should pay attention to it.

Business writing is deliberately structured to convey clear and precise information designed to enlighten readers. It includes short pieces like emails, memos, newsletters, or notices; and larger documents such as proposals and reports.

There are four broad types of Business Writing as shown below:

Instructional Business Writing

All content in this purview is used to instruct employees in the workplace on their assigned tasks. Memos to all employees fall in this category. If new software is introduced at the workplace, a user manual detailing the ‘how-to’ of using the software may be circulated. This also falls within the context of Instructional business writing.

Persuasive Business Writing

This type is mainly associated with sales, advertisement, and marketing. The aim is to create public awareness, impress potential customers and positively influence their thinking to make them buy goods and services. Other forms of persuasive business writing are Bulk SMS, proposals, and press releases.

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Informational Business Writing

This type focuses on taking a record of information relating to business in an accurate manner. This includes minutes of meetings, financial statements, and report writing. Informational business writing helps to keep track of business growth and to know when to develop new plans.

Transactional Business Writing

This has to do with daily communication at the workplace. This is mostly done through letters, invoices, and emails.

The misconception about business writing is that it involves only proposals. However, as shown above, there is more to business writing than just a marketing email or a proposal. Hence, writers can choose to write any of the mentioned types and earn a decent sum for their writing services.



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