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March 22, 2017by readywriters

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This week we will learn how to use numbers, abbreviations and capital letters when writing. We will begin with abbreviations.


What is an abbreviation?


An abbreviation is a shortened form of an existing word or phrase.


How do you use abbreviations?


1)   Abbreviate social titles like Mister, Mr.; Missus, Mrs.


2)   Abbreviate title of rank.
Example: Col. Remi Ashton


Title Abbreviation
Ambassador Amb.
Doctor Dr.
Colonel Col.
Honourable Hon.
Lieutenant Lt.
Governor Gov.
Major Maj.
Lieutenant General Lt. Gen.
Lieutenant Colonel Lt. Col.
President Pres.
Professor Prof.
Representative Rep.
Superintendent Supt.



3)   Abbreviate time and dates.


Examples: A.M. (ante meridian), P.M. (post meridian).


4)   Abbreviate earned degrees.


Degree Abbreviation
Associate’s Degree A.A.
Bachelor of Arts B.A. or A.B.
Bachelor of Business Administration B.B.A.
Bachelor of Science B.S.
Masters of Arts M.A.
Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.
Masters of Business Administration M.B.A.
Masters of Science M.S.
Medical Doctor M.D.
Registered Nurse R.N.


5)   Abbreviate some historical periods.


Examples: B.C. (before the birth of Christ), A.D. (Anno Domini), C.E. (common era).


6)   Abbreviate geographical terms.


Place Abbreviations
Avenue Ave.
Building Bldg.
Boulevard Blvd.
County Co.
District Dist.
Drive Dr.
Island Is.
Province Prov.
Road Rd.
Territory Terr.
Route Rte.



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