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June 16, 2017by readywriters

Could anyone say precisely the number of languages in the world? The world population itself is an approximate figure, and words like “about”, “around”, etc. precede generally accepted figures.

With the multiplicity and diversity of languages in our world today, mutual understanding and communication is made possible through translation.

Effective translation requires that due attention be paid to the basics of the languages involved: that of the speaker and audience. The translator must ensure that he does not derail from the original language in order to render an accurate translation.

Let us consider the following tips translation:

1.    Do not interpret or translate word for word. This is the undoing of starters or inexperienced translators who prefer picking each word out to do this bit.


2.    Understand the message being relayed in the original language of communication and say it in concise and precise interpretation. Take for an example, this Igbo statement: O sirik’unujike e meeya. This translates thus: He or she said you should use force or strength to do it.


3.    It is advisable to interpret at same pace or speed as the speaker. This is important in order not to lose out on the spoken words. Such situation would not also give room for collision of speech from both parties involved: the speaker and translator.


4.    A translator must be an embodiment of vocabularies and language expressions pertaining to his basic medium of communication. This makes his duty as an interpreter an easy one.


5.    Do not say what the speaker does not say or imply. You are not meant to add to the original statement rather, translate as it was delivered by the speaker.


6.    Breath control is of essence and it must be considered for natural and acceptable delivery.


7.    You must be at alert and should not be caught unawares by the speaker or the speech.


8.    Take note of the need to change the language of translation when the speaker changes that of the original language. For instance, a preacher is delivering a message in Yoruba language and an English language interpreter should change to the speaker’s language if he or she changes. 


9.    For subtitling of films or music videos, it is professional to translate the lines or lyrics at same frequency as the speech or song.



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