8 Steps to Writing Your Own Book

March 15, 2023by readywriters

In an earlier post we showed you five reasons to write your own book. Now, let’s talk about the steps you must take to make this happen.

1. Create a plan

Have you heard the popular saying that failing to plan is planning to fail?  If you want to write a book the first step is to create a plan; otherwise your writing goal will remain a mere wish. Without a plan, the tasks will become overwhelming. Before you start writing your book, create a plan with the following details:

  • How often you will write – daily or weekly?
  • When you will write?
  • How long you will write each day?
  • The book content, design and layout
  • When you will edit?
  • When the book will be published?

Like every great venture or business, writing a book must begin with a plan.

2. Set a delivery date

Without a predetermined time of completion, you can stay on a writing plan for months, even years. You may never stop working. Therefore, deadlines are important. You will never get to the point where your book is totally complete – there is always a change to be made and something to be added. So if you do not have a deadline for your book, you will most likely write it forever. In the course of writing your own book, many seemingly genuine reasons may stand as obstacles – health issues, bills to pay, etc. but deadlines can go a long way to spur you on.

3. Research

It is important to research your topic, get facts and resources. You can get these online, through feedbacks or interviews. You can also read other books. Research is a great way to learn. Ensure you get additional information that can improve the essence of your work and add credibility to it.

4. Go ahead and write

Once you have a plan and a deadline, start writing. You can spend as much time as you want reading tips for writing a book; as good as that is, it will not actually produce the book, you have to actually write the book. Write whenever and wherever you can. When writing, shut off every form of distraction: emails, chats, TV. You would be better off if you were alone, away from your family and friends for that period. As you stick to the plan, you will be drawn deeper into your writing.

5. Read what you have written

Once you’ve written your book, read it. As you read it, you will think of additional chapters, stories or lessons to share. Add them before hiring an editor.

6. Edit

One of the greatest mistakes you will ever make as an author is to edit your own book. Editing is a profession that requires skills and know-how. Do not edit your own book; even if you do, still hire a professional editor. Save yourself the embarrassment of going through your published book and spotting many errors you never did in the original manuscript.

7. Publish

You can self-publish on Amazon or with traditional publishers. A thorough search will give you options.

8. Promote

What is the point in writing a book if nobody knows about it? You have worked hard to put your thoughts, ideas and knowledge into writing, people need to benefit from what you have written.

Now that you know the steps, it’s time to start writing your own book. And if you still can’t make out the time or you find the process challenging for any reason, contact us. We have the time and expertise.

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