A pen and paper are one of the most vital tools for a writer but these days a writer needs more. Due to the evolution of technology, a writer needs other tools to be top-notch in his profession. Some of these tools include:

A laptop: Aside from writing on a paper, a writer also needs a laptop to be able to store larger information and also type lengthy documents and not always exhaust book leaflets.

Writing software: A writer should also have some writing software, such as a spell checker, or software that checks capitalization or even grammar. Aside from the fact that a writer may probably know these things one can’t be too sure.

A website: This is also a vital tool for a writer; so that people can become aware of his services and also contact him.

Internet connection: A writer will need an internet connection to probably access information online or publish his work to reach a wider audience.

Dictionary: This is something every writer must have; either it is a monolingual dictionary, a bilingual one, a technical one or dialectical one or all types of dictionary, a writer must be equipped with a dictionary in order to help him increase and improve his vocabulary.

A blog: This is also a vital tool for a writer so that he can continually express himself or publish his work to a wide range of readers.

A library: This can be an online library or one with a specific physical location; however this is a tool every writer needs to have so as to have access to lots of information and improve his knowledge of writing.

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Now, depending on the writer, he can choose to add other tools in his box.

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