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July 2, 2018by readywriters

Have you ever felt that you are a slow writer, especially when compared to the speed at which your friends and colleagues churn out great pieces of writing? I will share with you tips to help you write faster.

Being a “slow writer” is nothing to worry about. Writing, like every other skill, improves over time. You had to learn to crawl and walk before you developed the capacity to run. Increasing your writing speed takes a similar process.
Here are some tips that can help you write faster:

  • Identify your productive time: What time of the day do you generally have the highest degree of inspiration and least distraction? Some people love writing in the morning after a cup of coffee while others prefer to write late in the afternoon. We also have authors who engage in writing as a sort of relaxation process before going to bed at night. Find out what time of the day works best for you and schedule your writing assignments for that time.
  • Research your subject: Writing is easier and faster when you already know what you want to write and you have sufficient knowledge about it.
  • Choose a subject you love or one you’re passionate about: When you write on subjects you are passionate about, you don’t run out of ideas easily. This helps to boost your writing speed.
  • Get rid of distractions: Where you write is as important as when you write. You’re more productive when you write in a place that is devoid of distractions. When you get distracted you are forced to stop the writing process and by the time you get back to what you are writing you might have lost the thought flow and would need to take a moment to catch up.
  • Set a timer: To improve your writing pace, you need to take note of how long you spend on each piece. It is by tracking the time devoted to each writing task that you know if you are getting faster at it.
  • Practise free writing: While writing, let your hand do the thinking. Don’t go back to correct errors or restructure sentences; just keep writing until you have written down all your ideas. When you are done then you can read through and edit.
  • Edit vigorously: After practising free writing, edit your text, restructure your sentences and correct your errors.

These are tips that can help you write faster. You may not see changes immediately but after practising the foregoing tips consistently but over time, your writing speed will improve.

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