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August 5, 2019by readywriters

By Dakshita Sinha

Creative writing is an art. Special skills are required for this. Not everyone is good for this job. Only the people who have unique writing talent can do this work. Creativity is a gift of almighty and not everyone can be creative. If the below listed 7 signs are present in you then you are not capable of performing well at creative writing:

1. Non-passionate

If you are not passionate about your job of writing then you can never be a good creative writer. Because this job requires a lot of patience and creativity, and a person can only be patient if he is really passionate about his work. You should have the ability to work consistently without worrying about the result. Your mind will work more sharply when you will think that this job is all and all for you. You definitely can’t work hard for a task if you are not passionate about it. To become a successful creative writer one must be sincerely dedicated towards his work.

2. Poor content quality

Many people can be passionate about their work but not everybody’s work can be of good quality. So when you are performing this job, you are giving your creative content to the public to judge it. And if your content is not strong then your whole creative writing job becomes useless. Your content should be so good so as to impress and convince your readers at once. Your content should be creative enough to drag and hold reader’s attention.

3. Can’t work for others

If you can’t work for others then you certainly cannot be good at creative writing. As a beginner, a content writer or a creative writer has to work for other companies. Later when you become an expert at your job you can start your own webpage or blog.

So, if you don’t have that spirit in you that you can work for others, that you can cope up with the demands of your boss then this job of creative writing is useless for you.

4. Versatility

A person needs to be versatile to do this job. If you are capable of creative writing then you also need to versatile. You should make sure that you can write a strong content on any topic any time. So, if you cannot write a well-crafted content at any time then you are not at all capable of performing well at creative writing.

5. Poor observant

Creative writing is a way of expressing your feelings to others in a creative style, so that the reader may not get bored. To do so one needs to be a good observant. The ability to observe a particular thing and making a good story from it enables one to become a good creative writer. Each and every creative writer has a unique way of observing things and this way only differentiates him from other writers. So if you are a poor observant you are incapable of doing creative writing.

6. The Non-Strategic Point of View

Creative writing can be done at its best when strategically planned. Your one non-strategic move can spoil your whole content. A creative writer should first research on the given topic and then think about the strategy that can create his unique, special place of him in his reader’s heart. It is very necessary for a creative writer to strategically do his job.

7. No Creative ways of promotion

Creative writing is not only about writing an attractive content but it’s a lot more than that. Creative writing also requires a creative way of presenting it in front of your readers and creative ways of promoting it. And for this, you need to have a creative mindset. You can change the background color and image of your content, font size and style of it. You can use social networking channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for promoting your creative article. If you don’t have these promotion skills you will not get success.

Don’t worry if any of the above mentioned negative sign you can see in yourself. You still have a lot of time, you just need to brush up your skills. Keep working hard consistently. And you will surely one day master the art of creative writing.

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