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July 20, 2018by readywriters

There are things every writer should have on their desk such as a pen and a paper or a computer for writing— how else will a writer write without these things? However, there are some other necessities a writer should have to keep the inspiration flowing and make the writing process seamless. These items are:

  1. A Thesaurus: This dictionary is one of the largest and most trusted dictionaries in the world. It provides a large range of words, with their synonyms and helps give variety and uniqueness to your writing. This is why you thesaurus dictionary should always be on your desk, and if you have a small desk, put it somewhere you can easily reach for it.
  2. An English Dictionary: If you are writing in the English language, then you should have an English dictionary on your desk. Unlike the Thesaurus that mostly deals with synonyms, the English dictionary comprises information on the meaning, etymology, pronunciation, word classes and usages of a word amongst others. There are also different types of dictionary you can choose from such as the Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of English, and Cambridge Advanced learner’s dictionary, amongst others.
  3. A Bottle of Water: Writing can be quite exhausting which is why you need to have a bottle of water or at least a cup of water on your desk to keep you hydrated and energized during your writing exercise.
  4. Some of Your Favourite Books: Surrounding yourself with some of your favourite books will keep you inspired while writing. You can easily read a page or two of the book if you feel the need to do so, once it’s on your desk.
  5. Desk Lamp: It is also important that you have a good lighting in order for you to be able to write properly. If you are writing in a country with no stable power supply, once there is a power outage, you can easily put on the lamp already on your desk without having to disrupt your writing process.
  6. Your Favourite Writing Gadgets: You might like to have a note pad beside you while writing or a recorder to record your thoughts for your next writing activity. Ensure you have your favourite writing gadgets for easy access.
  7. A Daily Planner: Progress and improvement come from what you measure. Thus, you should measure your writing by always having a daily planner on your desk. With this, you can keep track of your writing progress, take note of your word count and note what writing goal you intend to achieve next.

Having the items listed above does not mean your desk has to be cluttered or disorganized; you can organize these items in a way that makes each one accessible and beautiful too. You can even add a vase of a plant for a bit of sophistication, whatever works for you.

Now, tell us some of the things you already have on your desk and share with us the items you intend to add.

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