In a world were technology has enhanced communication, the need to improve your methods of communication; one of which is your writing skills, is more important than ever. If you have an everyday job, it is very likely that you do some form of writing; whether it is writing emails, business proposals, creating a copy, or writing fiction. In order to remain among the top contenders in the workplace, it is important to get better at communicating your ideas, goals, and plans for better results.

Here are some other reasons why you should improve your writing skills:

  1. It is not going away: There are skills that become irrelevant as technology improves. Writing is not one of such skills. Writing is as important now as it was many centuries ago and with increased information and technology that can help people access information quickly, expert writers are more important now than they ever were.
  2. Improves your message: The ability to properly articulate your thoughts on paper such that what you have written and the idea conceived in your head are exactly aligned is a skill everyone needs to master. When you transfer your thoughts to paper, it becomes easier to see areas that need improvement. Writing helps you improve your ideas immensely.
  3. Employability: You might be skilled, but your ability to communicate your skills through your resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile is key to getting noticed by an employer.
  4. Write better, speak better: There is a correlation between good writers and good speakers. It is entirely unclear if there is causation, but it more common to see a good speaker who cannot write than a good writer who cannot speak.
  5. Impress: In a digital world where the bulk of our communication is done through electronic writing, emails, social media, etc. Good writing can impress the person you are conversing with and keep him or her more interested in you.
  6. Expand your vocabulary: The more you write, the more you discover how limited your vocabulary is. Spoken Communication can be supported with nonverbal communications like arm signals, but not Written Communication. when writing, your words should be precise to evoke the desired emotion, response, or corresponding action. An expanded lexicon helps you achieve that and the more you refine your writing skills, the more committed you are to expanding your storehouse of words.
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