In this world filled with lots of dramas and painful experiences, one sometimes needs a form of therapy to help deal with one’s feelings. However, there are times when there is no one to turn to, or even talk to, and this is where writing comes in and acts as a form of therapy. Thus, here are 5 ways writing can be a form of therapy:

Clarity of emotions/mind

Sometimes, you might be confused and can’t even access your emotions. By writing down your overwhelming feelings, you can begin to access your emotions and begin to think clearly. Even when you have written them down, and the words don’t clearly express how you feel, you can edit and re-write until the words capture your emotions and help you understand what you are feeling.

Rest of mind

Sometimes, sleeping can be very difficult when you have something bothering you, but writing down what bothers you can give you a sense of calmness, and help you sleep when you need to, until you are able to get back to what was bothering you and solve it.

Interpretation of recurring dream

Sometimes, you keep having different recurring or confusing dreams. Writing down your dreams and reading them later can help you make better sense of the dreams.


Sometimes, you want to talk to someone but the person isn’t available. Writing a letter to that person can give you a sense of relief, such that you would be relieving your burden on the paper, and once you are done, even if you can’t deliver it to the person, you can keep it or burn it.

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Writing can give you a sense of confidence to do/ say things you normally won’t be able to do in a face-to-face conversation. If, for instance, you want to confess your feelings to someone, and can’t seem to do it to the person’s face, you can write the words and send it to the person to read, or even write down the words, read it to yourself if it makes any sense before you deliver it as a speech to the person.

Aside from the above ways writing can serve as a therapy, research has shown that writing can produce calmness to the human mind, like people experience with deep meditation.

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