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September 26, 2017by readywriters

Ghostwriting as the name may suggest is not about writing ghost stories, it is actually writing for someone else as if you were that person— and yes, it is legal. So, if you love writing, the question might be how do you get paid what you deserve while doing what you love?  Well, the answer is simple; you can become a ghostwriter. So, listed below are five simple ways you can get clients, serve them, retain them and also make lots of money as a ghostwriter:

1.      Ask the Question: In case you are wondering what question; ask almost everyone you know if they have always wanted to own a book. Chances are, some of people the people you ask will say, “Yes. I’ve always wanted to write a book but…” and once you follow the conversation you could land some ghostwriting book jobs.


2.       Join the Club: Aside from asking people about their interests in owning a book; also join the association of ghost writer. The association is geared towards ghostwriters which is a great source for networking and finding clients. So, you can join the association for a fee and sign up as both a ghostwriter and a speaker.


3.       Charge Reasonably: There’s a lot of price variation in the marketplace for ghostwriting, but once you charge your clients reasonably and offer quality service you will retain your clients, thus frequently making money.


4.      Set Clear Expectations: When you have a client or a prospect, set clear expectations about your deliverables in terms of the quantity of the job which might be the number of words or pages you intend to deliver on; also the quality which might be proofreading and editorial aspect of the job and as well as the time of delivery. That way, both you and the client would be on the same page.


5.      Deliver: Once you have set clear expectations, make sure you deliver on everything that has been agreed and make your client happy.


Once you do these things listed above, you won’t only get clients, you also get referrals and you keep earning lots of money as a ghostwriter.

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