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May 25, 2018by readywriters

If you ask a lot of writers what their biggest challenges are, most would say it is finding the time to write. Ironic, isn’t it? How could you be a writer and not have the time to write? It’s like being a dancer and not have the time to dance or being a cook and not have the time to cook. While it might be possible not to have enough time to do what you love, because you have a very busy schedule, the things you still do in the midst of your busy schedule such as eating, taking a drink, going on a stroll are simply the things you make the time for. So, like those things you have the time to do, all you have to do is make or find the time to write too. Now, here are few tips on how to find the time to write even when you feel that there is no time.
1. Decide to write: Everything you do, from standing up from your bed to brushing your teeth is a decision, and decisions start from the mind. So, what you have to do is make the conscious decision to write. Once you have made a resolve to write, you will be surprised at how much time you would have to write.
2. Make it a priority: To find time to write, it is important that you make writing a priority. Plan your day around your writing activity and shelve other things in order to get your writing done.
3. Do it first: Ensure that writing is one of the first activities you do in the morning if not the first. This is because if you postpone it for other things , you might be swamped to the point of exhaustion that inhibits creativity.
4. Take a notepad everywhere you go: It is easier to write when you have a notepad with you. So, even when you are going on a short walk with a friend, or you are sitting at the bank waiting for the customer care representative to attend to you, you can use the time to write.
5. Use your free time: Almost everyone has a free time; a time when they are not doing anything. So when you find out that you have some free time, perhaps during the weekend, rather than using it to watch Netflix or something else, Write.

Beyond these tips, it is important that you stay committed to writing, perhaps have a specific time you write and reward yourself for your commitment. If you ever find yourself slacking on your writing activity again, you can always read this article again and pick up the slack.

By: Simbiat Bakare

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